Generator Preventative Maintenance

"Maintenance schedules allows us to 
forecast the Life Cycle Costs 
prevent major failures 
replace components on time 
overhaul vital components 

In general, Power Generation can be very daunting, especially when the lights go out. The lack of knowledge or experience in completing basic fault finding steps, can result in costly outages, down time and frustration to your client.

Typically, rotating equipment fails, due to the lack of care and maintenance.

Generating sets configured for either Continuous or Stand-by applications must be regularly maintained to ensure the reliability of supply throughout their service life.
Larger companies who own many generators, or those who rely on generators for continuous operation, establish (O&M) Operation & Maintenance contracts with companies such as Great Energy to manage their assets. Our services and “Ownership” culture within these contracts ensures our clients can relax and continue with their core business.

As every site is unique (size, load profiles, configuration), our specialised management team develops the appropriate maintenance life-cycle profile to maximise generator performance, availability, reliability and overall efficiently of your power assets. Our pragmatic approach in establishing documented routine maintenance schedules, allows us to forecast the “Life Cycle Costs” and gives us the necessary knowledge to predict when certain components will require replacement or overhauling, in order to  prevent major failures, thus maximising the return of investment.

Our standardisation of generator scheduled service and maintenance routines & procedures provides a smooth seamless transaction into our client’s asset management system reducing costs and budget blow outs.

Generator Scheduled Service and MaintenanceGenerator Scheduled Service and Maintenance
Generator Scheduled ServiceGenerator Scheduled Service
Generator MaintenanceGenerator Maintenance