Power Station Operation & Maintenance

"We adopt an Ownership culture which improves 
cost control 
overall outcomes 

When you combine our trained operators, with our operational experience, and our “Ownership” culture, where we think and behave like an asset owner, it results in us being able to provide better insights and improved business outcomes for our clients.

Great Energy has significant advantages over it’s competitors, particularly in the areas of power station operation and maintenance. Our open, honest, flexible approach gives us the ability to work closely with our client’s asset / contract owners, and operations / maintenance teams which improves overall efficiency, reliability and cost control.

Our operational capabilities include:

  • Life cycle cost analyses
  • Power station management
  • Environmental protection
  • Maintenance planning and execution
  • Efficiency reviews and performance optimisation
  • OH&S management
  • Project management
Jack - Power Station Operator - IPL ShotJack - Power Station Operator - IPL Shot
APA Project - IMG_0119APA Project - IMG_0119