Training the Future Skilled Workers

Power Generation Skilled Workers

Great Energy would like to introduce you to our newest apprentice, Blake Gunton. Blake is 15 years old and came to us from Cairns High School in March of this year. He is currently undertaking a School Based Apprenticeship to become a Heavy Equipment Fitter. This means that as a part of his Apprenticeship, he comes to work alongside our experienced tradesmen two days a week. Next yearBlake will become a full-time apprentice on a 4 year apprenticeship.

Blake’s main reason for choosing this apprenticeship was that he likes working with his hands, and fixing engines. He has said that he has found Great Energy to be a nice caring company who has helped him to learn a lot.

Great Energy is proud to support young apprentices like Blake gain valuable skills in a niche market that is Power Generation equipment, and believes it to be an important step to shape the industry for the better, by helping to influence not only the availability of skilled workers, but also the quality of work that they put out.

Well Done Blake, you’re doing a great job!